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Corporate World | Why You Need Private Jets

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For so long, private jets have been known to be the most luxurious aircrafts. They are famous for transporting presidents, billionaires and most celebrities. Other than providing luxury, private jets can also be very useful in the business world. Here is why you need private charter for your corporation.

Are financially friendly

Although private jets seem very expensive, they may also be very affordable if you decide to shift your paradigm. Hiring private jets really saves costs. Unlike commercial airlines where you pay per trip, you can hire private jets per flying hour. Although it would cost more to hire a Bombardier Global Express from Melbourne to Singapore than the normal commercial airline, the overall expenses would be lower in the long run. For example purposes; paying "2x" amount of dollars for two return trips in an hour would be cheaper than paying "x" amount of dollars for each trip within the same time. You can do the math.

Offer better point to point services

Private jets allow you to travel to the most remote places. Unlike commercial aircrafts, these jets are smaller and can fit in the smallest of airstrips. This enables them to access mining sites, game reserves and even rural places, depending on where your business takes you at that time. This gives you better face-to-face access to clients who would have been otherwise hard to reach with commercial airlines.

Are highly convenient

In business, time equals money. With private jets, you have access to flights at any point of the day. Where you had to adjust your schedule for commercial airlines, private jets are there to fit to your schedule. You can never be late or too early for a flight. Moreover, you will be able to save several hours which would have otherwise been spent in waiting booths and lengthy security checks. In addition, the high speed of the jet also saves you a lot of time. You can also have your own private airstrip for your hired private jets to land on for even more convenience.

Are corporate friendly

With private jets, everyone is first class. Where your employees used to give excuses to avoid business trips, they will now look forward to the trips. Apart from class, these jets offer more space and privacy that you can never find in a crowded seating. This provides a good atmosphere for business works. You will now be able to have meetings and even negotiate business deals while flying.