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Tips to Increasing Your Pub's Bottom Line

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Opting to purchase a pub may prove to be a great way of achieving financial freedom. However, simply knowing how to theoretically run a bar business and actually increasing your revenue can prove to be completely different. A common mistake people make is assuming as long as they have staff and clientele, then the profits will be rolling in. Contrary to that, hard work and creativity is what will make or break your pub business. Here are some handy tips that can work toward increasing your pub's bottom line.

Monitor your employees' productivity

Granted, the bar and restaurant business tends to have fluctuating peak hours depending on the day of the week, the season of the year and more. However, closely tracing your sales and analysing the differences can enable you to make a discernable judgement on how productive your employees are being. If your employees are slacking, you will lose exponentially as you will still be having them on payroll yet you will not be making profit to cover their losses. So how does one track their employees' productivity?

To track employees' productivity, you should calculate the number of hours that each employee works and divide this with the amount of gross sales they have made during this time. After a period of time, you will be able to see a discernible pattern of the members of staff who are putting in the effort and those that are consistently missing the mark. There are several ways that an employee's productivity could be compromised:

  • The employee is unable to keep up with the patrons' demands by being too slow
  • The employee does not have an easy-going attitude with patrons, hence putting them off from returning
  • The employee cannot adequately mix drinks so patrons decline ordering additional rounds
  • The employee is stealing from you

No matter the reason for lack of productivity, it always causes losses for your business. Getting to the root of the matter and remedying it will go a long way in increasing your bottom line.

Incorporate a range of non-alcoholic beverages

Granted, most people will walk into a pub to drink copious amounts of alcohol. However, this does not mean that you should exclude non-drinkers from enjoying the ambience too. There has been a steady increase in the desire for non-alcoholic beverages for a number of reasons. These include their lower caloric content, increased social awareness on drunk driving and more. The good news is that the non-alcoholic beverages do not have to be grossly under-priced. Socializing in a pub setting is typically done for the ambience. Therefore, you can incorporate non-alcoholic drinks and still charge premium prices for them because they will be meeting customer demands.