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Choosing the best family accommodation for a trip with teens

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If you are taking teenagers with you on holiday, particularly if they do not live with you during most of the year, it can be hard to tell what the best hotel should be. Here are a few things to ensure your hotel has to help make the process smoother. 

Free wifi

Much of the communication between teenagers now goes on online and your teen will often be eager to get online and keep their pals updates on the progress of the holiday. Make sure that your family accommodation has fast, and preferably unmetered, internet access so that your teen can get online when you get some downtime. That will stop you coming back to huge extra data charges on your phone bill and ensure that everyone enjoys the trip. 

Separate rooms

Jokes about teenage sleep habits aside, it is true that teenagers need a lot of sleep. This sleep might not necessarily match up with some of the more mature members of the families sleep patterns, so it can be a good idea to make sure everyone has a separate room, preferably in differents parts of the house so you don't wake each other too early. While you can ask for some compromise in terms of sleeping conditions it's important to remember that teenagers need between 9 to 10 hours of sleep each night to stay healthy. They also often fall asleep later than older people, which can lead to some serious lack of alignment of natural waking times of all the family members. 

Separate bathrooms

Another change that can take some people who don't regularly share a home with teenagers by surprise is the amount of personal grooming products that the girls and boys both use. Where possible it can be great to allow teens to have a separate bathroom, or some separate grooming space so that you don't need to get into arguments with people hogging bathroom time. 

Proximity to sites

Older teenagers might like to do some exploring on their own, but won't be able to hire a car in most places due to their age. Choosing family accommodation in a central and location allows them to have some freedom to explore on their own, especially if there are some sites they are more eager to visit than you are (for example, nightclubs). 

Finding great family accommodation for your next family holiday can ensure that both parents and teens will enjoy your next family holiday.