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Corporate World | Why You Need Private Jets

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For so long, private jets have been known to be the most luxurious aircrafts. They are famous for transporting presidents, billionaires and most celebrities. Other than providing luxury, private jets can also be very useful in the business world. Here is why you need private charter for your corporation. Are financially friendly Although private jets seem very expensive, they may also be very affordable if you decide to shift your paradigm. Read More»

Party Like a Boss! 3 Office Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love

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The original intention of work parties was to boost morale, but this rarely happens in most workplaces for two reasons: A) they usually consist of talking about work for long periods and B) work parties are usually overshadowed by a need for everyone to bond. If you’re throwing a party because you have to, you can’t really call it a party, so ditch the obligatory holiday office bash for something spontaneous and relevant. Read More»